Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Hands On Classrooms program?
A: Hands On Classrooms is a a suite of curricula developed to provide practical applications to what students learn in the classroom.  Each of our programs introduces teachers to innovative instructional methods that can be used when teaching the curricula and after.  Each unit focuses on a different facet of the food industry, ranging from food safety to food system and processing. 

Q: Where has the Hands On Classrooms program been implemented?
A: The Hands On program is currently operational in middle schools across the United States in 38 different states.  More information on the states we are active in can be found on this page.

Q: What if a Hands On Classrooms program has not been implemented in my state?
A: If you are interested in implementing and there is not a curriculum for your state, please e-mail us at

Q: How do I implement this program at my school or in my classroom?
A: Review the Hands On curriculum for your state. Contact the Hands On team at to discuss training and implementation dates for your students. Each school is different, and we will work with you to determine what training method works best for your team!

Q: How do I support the Hands On Classrooms program?
A: Visit the Support Hands On tab of our website for more information on how to support the program.