Program Details

Hands On  teaches students food safety in a fun, interdisciplinary learning environment while helping schools to meet state-mandated curriculum standards.  Hands On provides all the materials and supplies for the implementation of the curriculum free of charge; this is a $600 value.

The Hands On food safety topics meet state curriculum standards  and includes lesson plans for math, science, social studies, language arts and vocabulary.



  • concept of scale (ex: magnification of bacteria)
  • exponential growth (ex: bacterial growth)
  • simple statistical analysis and graphical representation of data (ex: mean, median, mode, range, box-and-whiskers plots)

Social Studies

  • Understanding standards of living throughout the world
  • Informal research skills
  • Geospatial mapping skills


  • Scientific Inquiry (ex: how to set up a lab, identifying variables, gathering data, etc.)
  • Learning about bacteria (ex: what causes it to grow? How can we kill the bad bacteria?
  • Basic cell structure and function

Language Arts

  • Reading non-fiction source material (ex: reading for detail and understanding the main idea)
  • Process writing (ex: expository writing
  • Verbal and written communication (ex: group activities, writing a press release)