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Welcome to the Hands On: Real-World Lessons for Middle School Classrooms web site!

Hands On teaches middle school students key food safety concepts while meeting Common Core Standards in Math and Language Arts and state mandated curriculum standards science and social studies.

Using highly effective research-based lesson plans, student labs, and hands-on activities, Hands On curriculum covers subject areas in math, science, social studies, and language arts during the week-long unit. Teachers of all subjects work together to teach these interdisciplinary lessons, allowing students to build on food safety concepts from all subjects, improving knowledge and retention.


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Hands On is proud to announce that all curricula under the Hands On Umbrella is officially endorsed by the Association for Middle Level Education.  For more information on AMLE, click here.

Biology in a Box — Biology and Math are better together! Check out more hands-on, inquiry-based activities for K-12. Activity books for 10 units of different topics in biology and ecology are available free through the web.